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Greifing complaints (important)
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3rd Mar 2014

as of February- March, someone has been griefing others bases. somehow completely hidden bases are being raided. how they find it is unknown and for this i am monitoring the server and keeping an eye out for players. so far i havent seen any greifers but i am hearing complaints about players √°bout supersean and Huntsmania tping to other players and then raiding them. so far it is not been confirmed but i am getting constant reports from different reports from different players. i request having a vote/say if someone is to become a staff and supervisize some staff and players ( not owners) to make sure nothing goes wrong such as abusive power and hacking including bugs or flaws in commands. if i am able to have a say in staff applications, i will check on many players and applications to make sure they arent lying in the applications to prevent greifers and other problem causing situations.

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Forum » PvP Server » PvP Reports
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